Thursday, September 20, 2012

I just ordered this awesome replica of the Cliff House, San Francicso.

Beautiful image of the San Francisco Cliff House.

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Hey guys... I just ordered this replica from   If you don't know about the Cliff House, see my earlier post:   Cliff House.    Very interesting place with a fascinating history.  A must see is this website: Cliff House Project. 
I can also recommend this book I just bought:  The San Francisco Cliff House.

More Images of the Cliff House: 

Wow.  Love this.   So serious.. and love the green mat. 

This place was made for a ghost story.


  1. cool post, I had never heard of cliff house!

  2. Thanks Troy. I hadn't either but it's very fascinating. I love San Francisco too and its history. Apparantly Sutro, who had the place in it's Gothic phase, the one in this post, also opened up an amusement park, which was part of the trend starting in America at the time. It was called Playland, or Playland at the Beach.

    If you ever want to read a period SanFrancisco novel about a magician (based on a real magician of the time) I can recommend "Carter Beats the Devil"