Monday, February 19, 2018

All You Need is......John Lennon

These are pretty good figurines of John Lennon, done in conjunction with the Lennon Estate and with Yoko Ono. Comes with multiple outfits. 1:6 scale, $299, from Molecule8.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

There's probably only one of these

This is genuinely unique. It is a demonstration kit to teach Scouting skills. It was produced as an Eagle Project. I like the concept and the individual pieces, but also the look and scale of the whole unit.

Here is the description from the Ebay listing.

Early 20th Century Boy Scout Campfire Teaching Tool/Eagle Scout Project

Contains approximately 14 different handmade recreations of camp fire set up.
Has 2 drawers that contain examples of fire starters found in the wilderness.
1 drawer has flash cards used to study map keys, aerial keys, and the different badges.
Each campfire unit is approximately 4"x5" some are a little larger or smaller. 
The box dimensions are approximately 20.5" x 23.5" x 8.5"
Some pieces have come loose with age. Verify pictures for condition of item
Contact us for pickup or shipping arrangements.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Miniature Life

Since 2011, Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating miniature dioramas from ordinary household items (and often from food, which seems like a growing genre within the art).  His work has gained great popularity recently with an annual calendar, and now a photo book.  Check out these outstanding pieces.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Photo Studio complete with Bathing Beauty Cut-Outs

Reprinted from Colossal

An Historically Accurate 19th Century Photo Studio Built in 1:12 Scale by

Turkey-based artist Ali Alamedy had been building miniature sets for seven years when he came across documentation of Charles Miner's photography studio from the early 1900s. Inspired by the way sunlight was used to illuminate studio sets, Alamedy decided to build his own version in 1:12 scale. The project took him over nine months, using hundreds of feet of wood, and building more than 100 miniature objects designed specifically to fit the era.
Due to few images being available of photography studios at that time, Alamedy read extensively to figure out what tools, techniques, styles, and colors were used within the studios (all images were in black and white). One of the hardest challenges during the completion of the model was the camera, as each fold in the bellow in real life is just 3 cm. The final 1:12 scale camera has 124 2 mm folds that were all meticulously created by hand.
You can take a look at more of Alamedy’s miniature scenes on his Instagram and Facebook. (via PetaPixel).