Friday, October 21, 2011

Adolph Sutro's Cliff House in San Francisco

This fantastic building was first built in 1858, and went through several incarnations. The version shown here was constructed  in 1896, and was destroyed by fire in 1907.   I came across a nice site, The Cliff House Project, when I was doing research for a posting on magic lanterns (upcoming post).   The pictures below, except the last one, are from the Cliff House Project. 

Wikipedia has a good entry on the entire history of the SF Cliff House.

Magic lantern slides:

This one reminds me of The Woman in Black, a great ghost story written by Susan Hill.  It was a big hit in London Theaters, was made into a great TV film in 1989, and has now been remade with Daniel Radcliffe.

Model by Charlie Moran

Dramatic image from Wikipedia


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