Sunday, October 24, 2010

Model Lighthouse

Here is a model I built a few years ago.  It's a half inch scale model of a lighthouse.  I used 1/2 inch scale because I was running out of room in the apartment I had at the time (for reference, half inch scale is  50% of the size of the scale typically used for dollhouses (where one inch = one foot).  I built the structure from a kit, but the inside is almost entirely made from scratch.   I tried to pay attention to the layout.  In particular I added balance to the model by hanging objects (lamps, etc) to the ceilings, which filled out the rooms.

 Top floor  (of three), meant to be the map room and observatory.  The telescope (and the waste paper basket) are made from brass.  The map shows Cape Cod.

I made the second floor into a workshop and studio.  Something I'd probably like to have.

A model ship being built.

The main floor, right side

Main floor, left side.  The buoys are carved from bass wood, the life preservers are made from model railroad cork, and the lobster trap is made from cherry wood.

Early version of the model

A closer look:

I copied the tool box design from one I saw in the yard of my building.

That little red and blue ship on the left side of the picture (outside the house)
I made when I was 15 years old.  I'm glad I kept it.

This picture will give you an idea of the size of a 1/2 inch scale model.

And here's what all the interior furnishings look like when they are in not in the lighthouse.  Thrown in and suitable for display. 

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  1. how much would you sell this for if you where going to sell it?