Monday, October 25, 2010

Chillout Sessions XI and XII dioramas

 The Chillout Sessions are a series of music CDs produced by Australia's Ministry of Sounds.  For volumes XI and XII, the art is provided by Andrew van der Westhuyzen.  The amazing dioramas provide the art work for the CD, and were also made into short videos.

This model for Session XII is described as  A homage to Frank Lloyd Wright and Neutra and the lifestyles their buildings accommodated, Chillout Sessions XII takes us to a fusion of time periods somewhere between the 50s and the 80s in the filtered light of California. A lot is happening in the piece.  Guests are relaxing at the pool, while up above a Sam Spade type of detective is interviewing people about a crime.

Session XI shows a scene of what appears to be a luxury resort nestled in the hills, set on a fantasy beach.  I like the sea plane that is coming for a landing.

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  1. Could you please make a list of the materials? Pretty pretty please!