Tuesday, September 10, 2013

General Store in Black and White.....Buy Something. If you can reach it!

Here are some photos of a project I did when I was around 15 years old.   I built the box from plywood and used a Christmas tree bulb for lighting.  Some of it's crude (like the shovels - one hanging from the ceiling and one on the right side of the model -  made from aluminum (or tin) and balsa wood) but there is a certain charm in that.  I like the the composition which seems to be well balanced.   Don't ask me how someone would make a phone call from the phone on the very top of the right wall, or why the monopoly board is placed at a similar height on the back wall (along side of the unreachable spices). The sad irony is that there is a ladder which could be used to reach these items, but it is also way up on the back wall, and one would need another ladder to reach it!  But still, I think it's a pretty good model.  I'm glad to have found these photographs which my brother and I printed in our home darkroom.

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  1. Hey, that is great! I wish I had photos of some of my projects when I was younger.