Thursday, April 26, 2012

JAWS in a bottle

J        A          W        S

In an earlier post we featured the outstanding ship in bottle work of  Gabrielle Rogers and Stefan Auer (see Awesome Ships in Bottles post).  These new pictures are from one of their latest projects, a model from the the blockbuster (and one of my favorite) films, Jaws.   GREAT job Gabrielle! 

See previous Jaws posting here.

The Shark!

Matt Hooper in his shark cage.

Quint and Brody figures.

The components for ships in bottles are made small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle, where they are then assembled.  Here is the Orca's hull.

Very beautiful. I prefer this to the painted version. 

The finished product:

The artist at work. Fantastick work Gabrielle.  I love this piece.


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