Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make your own Christian Series Picture Model

This entry is a follow up to the preceding post on African explorers.

This piece of vintage ephemera can be found on the The Art of African Exploration Page of the Smithsonian Institute Libraries.   

African explorers and adventurers captured the imagination of the Victorian public.  Missionary and explorer David Livingstone  was particularly well known, and he was popular enough to inspire this cut out scene which is blandly and oddly named No. 1 of  "The Christian" Series of Picture Models.  (I'm not sure why quotes were used where they are).

I am compelled by the words printed on the upper right corner: "When Cut Out, this Sheet makes a Charming Model Scene". So blog readers, if you want to create a charming model scene, I urge you to print this out,  grab a scissor and get to work!


  1. I think I might actually pring this out on heavy paper and see how it looks.

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