Friday, February 10, 2012

Slot Machine at the old General Store

This is the first diorama I built, when i was a sprightly youth of 12 years of age.  Looking at it now I can see room for improvement (seems like a very high ceilinged place with a huge light overhead, and less merchandise you'd need for a successful business) however it still has a lot of charm.   As I look over the scene I remember that the cash register is actually a small slot machine (with the arm removed) I got from one of the casinos in Vegas on a family vacation.  (see below)

In preparation for next weeks Toy Fair in New York, I made up some promos for the blog using this image, which was a good excuse for me to repost the image. (It was the topic of this blog's very first posting which was when I had a readership of about 3 people (counting me)). 

I did a quick google search to see if I could find the plastic slot machines.  Not surprisingly, I saw a few for sale.  The ads say its a 1960s charm.  The ones I found say 'Made in Hong Kong" and also "Fabulous Las Vegas".   These were also cool because they worked  - flicking the handle spun the internal wheel.   When I went as a child, they used to give away lots of good cheap stuff like the slot machines and casino-branded small decks of cards.

This one has a keychain ring.  I saw it listed on Ebay for $25.  There was a similar listing with a price of $50. 


  1. I used to have a few of those plastic slot machines! Being born and raised in Nevada we had real slot machines everywhere, gas stations, grocery stores and even at the airport. Great Post.

  2. That's cool Troy. We went there as kids to visit my aunt and uncle and I was surprised to see them in the gas stations and grocery stores like you said. It was really fun for kids to walk around the downtown area and get free stuff. My brother an I also each bought a toy slot machine that took nickels. i would imagine old mechanical machines are great collector items.

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