Thursday, February 16, 2012

LincolnStein, T-Rex and more. NY Toy Fair Part 2

This is a really clever idea.  A smart entrepreneur from California is introducing Presidential Monsters.  A Lincoln Frankenstien, a Clinton Wolfman, a Nixon as a monster from the Watergate Lagoon and other good take offs (the only one who looks pretty good is Kennedy as the Phantom).  Heros in Action will also be introducing smaller dolls.  Check them out.  Presidential Monsters.

And toward the end of this post, see what I think was the strangest offering from the show.

Kind of looks like Kennedy and Nixon are holding hands.  Cute.

Here are Lincolnstein, Ronmy (Regan as the mummy) Wolf Bill and Barraula!

More from the Show:

Rocky, with blood coming out of his mouth, and that huge Russian guy from Rocky IV  (you can also see Apollo Creed in the background).


Not Fluffy:

Schleich introduced dinosaurs with moving jaws. This is a copy of a Papo (French company) innovation introduced a few years ago.

Schleich's booth this year was about one quarter the size of their display last year. 

A cool building from the Bachmann train booth.

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  1. Love the finger puppets. :D I had some of them when my kids were small. SO cute! Thanks for the memories!