Saturday, February 18, 2012

British Campaign Furniture

I have long been intrigued by things that fold, hide and transform.  Have a look at these pieces of British Campaign Furniture.  They were designed for British military officers who had the luxury of travelling heavily with some of the comforts of home (most people would find it inconvenient to travel with filled bookcases for instance).

The leading book on this topic is  British Campaign Furniture: Elegance Under Canvass: 1740 - 1940  by Nicholas Brawer. It's out of print and is highly coveted, selling used for around $300.  I urge any benevolent readers with generosity streaks to feel free to gift it to this blog's author.  It will make you feel great.

A bit of history from Brawers website:

If you want to purchase original pieces,  check out the site of Christopher Clarke Antiques. 

Folding bookshelf in walnut

Campaign Desks

This very  beautiful campaign inspired  piece is by NY designer Richard Wrightman.  You can see other designs in the collection on his site.

More folding beds 


  1. The British Campaign furniture shown here is excellent. You have shared great information with us

  2. Very interesting information and great furniture collection.

  3. Tom, Always fascinated to see these gems and meet people with the same passion.
    Keep it up. Will look forward to follow your posts.

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