Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Yorkers! Wooden Circus this Sunday

I saw this striking image on a postcard when I visited Cafe Prague today (2 West 19th Street, New York City).  It's an advertisement for the Wooden Circus, which will be performed by the Karromato Marionette Company this coming Sunday.

From the Czech Center's website:

Acrobats! Exotic animals! Clowns! A 3-ring circus of the imagination, full of energy, perfect timing, and surprises. The show dazzles with secret special effects from classic 19th century European marionette theater. Beautiful wooden marionettes and traditional music will take you back in time to the golden age of puppetry.

It's this Sunday, January 8 at 3 PM for the low low price of $5 bucks as a suggested donation.  

Here's the in info:  Wooden Circus.

And here are a few pics from Karromato's site:


  1. Thanks for the post, really worth coming in town to see.
    The sets shown on their website are true works of art.

  2. This looks amazing - wish I didn't live so far away!

  3. Hey Guys... Philip I agree, the pics on their site are beautiful. They are nicely made pieces and they are also photographed well. The one I selected for the blog works so well. Colors and shadows look nice.. almost looks like an old photo.

    Sara - If I make it there I will take some photos and give a report!