Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Smokey

I found this in my mom's house.  It was mine in the 1970s and I'm happy to have it back.  From googling the topic I found that there's been a ton of Smokey the Bear merchandise through the years.   As a child I liked this one because you could pull the head off the body quite easily (I stored quarters and half dollars in the head - don't ask me why).    This bank was made by R. Dakin Company, of San Francisco.  I see that it is listed on Ebay for $50.   

When brand new STB was holding a shovel.  It apparetnly broke off at some point in my illustrious childhood.  However, it broke at just the right spot, so it looks like he has a walking stick.

Photogrpahs: Tom Casesa

Smokey was based on a real bear.

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