Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm sorry, ventriloquist dummies are scary. End of story.

Here are a few gems from the website Doe and Hope, an online seller of antiques and curios, followed by a few pictures from the classic horror film Dead of Night.

This guy looks like he could jump off that seat and kill you.  Am I wrong?

This one's neat.  It's a pin of one of the most famous ventriloquist dummies, Charlie McCarthy.

If you're in the market for a great, creepy film, check out Dead of Night, the 1945 classic from Ealing Studios out of Britain.  The film is a collection of horror stories (all tied together) by different directors.  One of the most well known is "The Ventriloquist Dummy", directed by Alberto Cavalcanti.   This site also has some good photos and info. 

Scenes from Dead of Night:

One of the stars was Mervyn Jones (center with tie tucked into sweater).  He also played Bob Cratchit in the 1951 version of  "A Christmas Carol" (my favorite version, where Scrooge was played by Alistair Sim).

Hugo and Frere (Michael Redgrave)

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