Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duck Hunting

I I saw this posted on a chat group called  Schleichtiersammler  It's for people who collect plastic animal figures like those from Schleich.  This diorma is from a guy named Erick Trauner.  He has lots of other great dioramas on his site:  Eric Trauner.

This one depicts duck hunters with an apparent hidden danger.

Said hidden danger.

Good diorama, and well photographed too.  The actual diorama blends well with the background painting/photo.  This is something the diorama creators at the American Museum of Natural History perfected.  Getting it right is a necessary part of the illusion.   At the AMNH, there were separate specialists for foregrounds and backgrounds.  The the third component, taxidermy also had its own specialists, the most famous being Carl Akeley. (as in the museum's Akeley Hall of African Mammals).

A great book about the AMNH dioramas is Windows On Nature.

You can also have a look at one of our earlier posts on the subject. AMNH dioramas. 

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