Monday, January 10, 2011

Elephant Magazine - Microworlds

The Summer 2010 issue of Elephant Magazine (a relatively new magazine by the publishers of Frame) presents Microworlds, an extract of a book by the same name, due out next year.  The article explores  society's great interest in all things small.  The author suggests that miniature scenes create a sense of awe, contemplation and transcendence, in that viewing them create the illusions of both time and distance.  This can be comforting (as in seeing the past as an idealized time) or it can be disturbing (a sense of distance can make one feel isolated).   The feature explores these ideas through the work of several well known artists.

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Photographs by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle

Porn Set by Jonah Samson (Pleasantville series)

Dig by Amy Bennett.  She is also more extensively featured 
in the January 7, 2010 posting of this blog.

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