Friday, November 12, 2010

Nautical dioramas

These are great pieces.  Some were built by professionals, some were sailor built, and look a little rough. I tend to like the later better - there is some charm to them.   Ship models take many forms.  I will post some stand alone models, but this posting has to do with models built in dioramas.  Sometimes they are full models and sometimes half hulls.   You may also notice that the inside box is sometimes slanted to create a sense of perspective.  Some of the boxes are beautiful even without the enclosed models. 

click to enlarge photos

I wonder if this case was part of another object - like an old radio.  I don't think it was made specifically for this model. 

I included this in a post earlier of the life of this blog.   Its a model I bought in a flea markert.
It measures about 4.5"L x 3" H x 1.75"D.

The plaque on front says "Baltimore Steamboats"

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