Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beach house unfinished model - Work in Progress

I started designing and building this model a while ago, and never got to finish it.   I'm not sure when it will be completed - perhaps not for a while - so I thought I'd post it as is for now.  Plus I think it looks good like this. I half don't want to finish it. 

The idea to build a model beach house came to me when I saw a triangle shaped house on the beach last summer (pictured below).   That house was a simple, nice triangle.  I made mine two levels, and added touches like the open ceiling, the floating stair case and the outdoor jacuzzi.

Next steps - add front doors, complete deck, add outside staircase (from deck to back yard), build swimming pool outside, add interior furniture. (sofa, chair).

click to enlarge photos

Beach house in hand

Like many of my models I like to use various, sometimes exotic woods.  This one is made primarily of walnut, paduk, blackwood, and cherry.  I use mahogany a lot too, but did not in this piece.

Back of house.  Will finish deck area with large, angled windows and a door leading out from the second floor.

What it may look like when completed.

View of the floor from above.  

Right now, the model is in two pieces.  The floor (base) and the rest of the house.  Leaving the pieces unconnected at this point allows me to easily work on the interior. 

The main part of the house that gets rested, and eventually bound to, the floor. 

The two pieces together.  Right now there are no front doors. They will come in time. 

Back view showing the floating stair case. 

I carved the fireplace out of a block of wood.  I wanted it to have a 60s ski lodge look and feel.

Accessories.  Stove, hot tub.

The house that inspired my model.


  1. This is great - lovely detail! I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

  2. Thanks Janine.. Nice to have a follower in the Canary Islands:)