Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ye Waverly Inn; the model and the story

Before it closed and reopened (after Graydon Carter bought it) Ye Waverly Inn was a very cool local hangout; complete with the neighborhood characters who make the Village what it is.   Billy the bartender (Billy Amana) reigned, and it was always a good scene.  When that iteration of the place closed, I felt a sense of loss.   I wanted to commission a painting, but decided that I could make my own memento; a scale model, presented here.  Also presented are some pictures of the full size, actual Waverly.

The real, Ye Waverly Inn, on Bank Street and Waverly Place,
 Greenwich Village

My model of the pub

All photos of the model:  Tom Casesa

This picture (and a few below): The model photographed in front of the 
actual Waverly Inn (I hope that's not too cute).

Ramon, of Bank Street, examining the model.

The model, next to a penny.

This model is constructed primarily from bass wood.  I've since started building models in stronger woods, like cherry, walnut and mahogany.

More shots in front of the pub

A few more photos of the real Inn
 (photos:  Tom Casesa)

A photoshop point of view   Photo: Tom Casesa

This painting is by Ellen Bradshaw.  I like her New York City cityscapes.  Ellen Bradshaw's site

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