Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Furniture, glorious furniture!

 Some of you may have noticed that the banner for this blog shows a model I've been working on, over the years, of my apartment. In that particular photo, I allowed myself some artistic license, such as the bamboo looking walls, which do not really exist.  The model, along with my apartment, has  changed over time. Here are some pieces I made in a recent round of building.


This is made from primarily from black walnut, but mahogany was used for the back piece and the draw bottoms. This 1/12 replica is made of better material than the real piece, which is veneer over some kind of pressed wood.

The replica (above) and the original (below) on which it is based. The real sized piece is the 6-drawer Villas Dresser, from Overstock.com. The picture is from Overstock's site.

Here are some shots of the finished piece and the process in case you are curious about how this was built.

Desk, file cabinet, ottoman, book shelf

There are many ways to make the sliding draws. I went for the simple method. A more elegant solution might have been to  cut grooves in the inner walls or the draw piece.

The desk with one simple drawer.

Yes, those are some of my actual books (Dracula, a classic everyone must own, a look on pirates, and a boxed, double volume of  Leslie Klinger's Annotated Sherlock Holmes).


  1. wow, really great work. I like your attention to detail and that all of the drawers work. Great books too!

  2. Hey Troy! Thanks for the nice words. I very much wanted the draws to work. It always slightly bothers me when I see a miniature piece and the draws or whatever parts are supposed to be moving, don't. They add to the life of the piece. The hardest part about the dresser was the knobs. They real ones are not perfect cylinders. They narrow as they reach the drawer. To achieve this I used the narrowing portion of a toothpick. And finally, if you will forgive a bad joke, I'm very proud of the bed I replicated (in the last picture), and I was waiting for the perfect moment when I could say to my friends "I woke up today and made my bed".

  3. HI Troy!
    what a beautiful furniture. All the pics that you show are great, but i especialy love this cute chest of drowers!

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