Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Great Victorian Gadgets and Cases (and a dictionary)

Pre-internet this would have bene very handy.  It's a leather bound English dictionary encased in a smart silver case with a magnifying lens built into the swing-top.  An oddity which the Victorians probably loved. 

Beautiful, rather complicated looking multi compartment vesta case (with wick for lighting)

Cascading Vesta Case, 1902

Vesta case and cheroot cutter, 1853

Combination tri-color pencil, compass, whistle 2, 1898.  Yes I would love to have one. 

Double silver whistle, 1917

What a smart design.  Looks cool in every position. 

Stamp box.  I like how this one opens. 


Hidden compartment snuff box... what was hidden?

Carpenter's pencil case

A design that still endures today - a folding scissor.  Has a ring so can be worn as a pendant.

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