Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Canes 2

Flute and dulcimer cane, 1880.

French botanist cane, 1880.

Gambling stick with spinning ball, French, 1880.

Games cane, French, 1890  Looks like a spinning top and a set of marbles.

Golf club cigarette cane.

Mandarins cane - sake cup, chop sticks and mat.  1880

Match vesta, pencil, coin holder and toothpick cane.

Opium pipe cane.  French, 1870.

Pin fire gun cane

French clay pipe cane, 1870.

Pool stick cane.

Saw cane, English, 1890.

Self arming pepperbox stiletto cane.  French, 1890.

This one isn't a gadget cane but its very beautiful being made of silver and a quartz stone. 

Silver container stick.  c. 1900. 

Here's a snuff box cane from around 1890. 

Stiletto cane.  English, 1870

Three canes by Tiffany & Co.  Above:  a Nast eagle cane inspired by the work of Thomas Nast, considered the father of the American political cartoon.   Below:  a cane of silver and ivory and a silver tipped clock cane.

These whip canes were used by the high class ladies at  French bordellos.


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