Monday, November 5, 2012

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Hey Everyone.  As some of you know, I live in downtown Manhattan and  as  a result of Hurricane Sandy, my power and heat were knocked out for a few days.  It came back for me finally on Saturday but there are many outside of Manhattan that still don't have power and hot water, or any water in some cases.  I also have a friend who had his house crushed by a huge tree. 

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone over the past few days.  The first set shows a building in Chelsea, eighth avenue and 14th street, that had it's face ripped off by the storm.  Fortunately no one was hurt.   The second set shows one of the cafes that gave us refuge.  Cafe Bonsignour on Jane Street had a generator.  They gave out free food and provided outlets so people could charge their phones.  Met a lot of interesting people.  Everyone helped each other. Was very strange with no lights - not even traffic lights.  In a way it was more eerie in the day than in the night. 

Building on 8th avenue between 14th and 15th Streets.

People gathering outside of Cafe Bonsignour on Jane Street in the West Village, New York City.


  1. Tom, thank you for sharing these and so glad to hear you are safe. We are praying for all of you up there! -ara

  2. Here is hoping that things can get back to "normal" soon!

  3. We heard quite a lot about the storm over here, I was sorry to hear about all those houses that caught fire. Good to know you got through it all OK. What great people at the cafe to provide free food and power for you!! I imagine it did feel very odd, I always think of New York as bustling with traffic, but there just isn't any in your pictures, that must have been weird!

    Hope the city/state recovers soon!


  4. I lived in NYC six years - and loved it. But I am glad I missed this store. I do have a lot of friends in Brooklyn. I am curious, how much flooding was there in the subways? Did the rats all come up?