Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ecclectic Metal Toys from Auction Site Vectis

Found these nice toys/vignettes on UK based auction site Vectis.  Most are beautiful but some are also quite weird/creepy.  First the nice ones:

Now for the somewhat creepy ones, starting with elves - they look positively evil, like the ones suburbanites place on their lawns.  These are supposed be for kids?

This looks like a pretty lonely stark scene for a toy.    A little kid swinging on a tree that has twisted branches and no leaves.  You can imagine that gate banging in the wind to the tune of creaking hinges. 

Now for the Just Plain Weird:

 Mr. Turnip Toilet Soap  (a television favorite apparently)

Adolph Hitler's mountain retreat in Bavaria.  Seems a little less weird when you see that it was built in the 1930's, long before Hitler's demise.  

Photograph of the real thing:

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  1. Love your collections! I completely agree with you: the elves look evil - evil elves! My favorite is a kid swinging on a creepy tree... what a scene can be maid! I am having chill already, hahaha... Natalia