Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sherlock in 1/6

Here's an impressive model made by Craig Calvert of Australia.  The model is a result of two of his interests  - Sherlock Holmes, and 1/6th scale figures. In case anyone isn't familiar with 1/6, it's the scale of Barbie dolls and the old G.I. Joe dolls (for reference, most doll houses are in the smaller 1/12th scale).  Check out Craig's site, and also see the Work In Progress page if you want to see how the model was built.  Great job Craig.

Some readers may know that Mr. Holmes was an injector of cocaine (a seven percent solution). Watson strongly discouraged its use, but Holmes needed it as protection from boredom, when there were no active cases.  


  1. Hi Tom, Craig here...many thanks for posting some pics of my project - much appreciated! :)

  2. Hey Craig... Thanks for letting me use the photos. There were so many good ones. Your attention to detail is amazing.. I love the food, the books, the chemicals and the syringe among other things. Have you considered aging the model? Over the years I've started to make my models look more realistic by creating wear and use, for a more realistic look. Not necessarily suggesting you do that to the model, just curious. Anyway, fantastic job.


  3. "Have I considered aging the model?"

    Actually Tom, I did consider this early in the piece - and this exact subject was discussed on the original forum that I posted pics of the project as it progressed. Somehow, the intention to age the diorama got lost over time! There are certain items that do have an aged look (the timber floor, book spines, some of the wooden furniture) but they are exceptions. I think if I had placed 'less' items in the room, I may have spent more time on weathering, etc. Interesting topic!

  4. You may know from reading this blog that the banner photo is a model of my West Village apartment. They've replaced the floors recently, but for many years I had this great old parquet floor. Problem was that it got terribly worn and eroded. For many years it was filled in with some kind of material - grey or yellow. When I first did the model, I put down 500 - 600 cherry tiles.. and the floor looked great. However, I went to see an exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design here in NYC, and after seeing some of the really great models, I came back and aged the floor appropriately.. You can see a comparison in this post


    Hard to do after you've worked so hard to make everything look so nice and new. I also tried to age the leather chair, though it needs some more work.

    If you're curious, the exhibition I saw (Otherworldly) , I also posted about here: (PART 1)

    and here: (PART 2).

    Tough call sometimes!