Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two Buglers

Picked up these toy soldiers last weekend from the  West 25th Street Flea Market.  The arms are movable and allow the soldier to lift the bugle to his mouth.   I haven't been able to find the manufacturer.  It might be Britains.  Anyone have any idea?

Photos by Tom Casesa

Notice the movable arms that lift the bugle to the soldier's lips.

March 1 Update.   I wrote to specialist Jim Hillestad of  The Toy Soldier Museum, who was kind enough to identify these for me.  They are from a 12 piece set made by W. Britains, called Line Infantry Band Review Order (set # 27).  They were made between 1946 and 1955.

I found a full set in nice condition on an Dakota Paul, who sell antiques.  Here are some photos from the listing (which inclues the original box).

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