Friday, July 1, 2011

Updates to apartment model - Amp, guitar stand, television, power drill

As many readers know, the banner photo for this blog illustrates a model I have been building of my West Village studio apartment.   I began the project by replicating the floor with around 500 cherry wood parquet tiles.  Since then I have been adding pieces in bursts, in between other projects.

Here are a few updates.

For more pictures, also see the earlier posting on the model.

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Chair by Nancy Summers, keyboard by Bart Kennedy, rug by Booni Backe.

Guitar stand

After looking at some very good room models I realized the parquet floor I laid down with separate cherry tiles, and that looked so good, needed to be unbeatified.  My floors were quite beat up and over the years the gaps were filled with both grey and yellow-ish filler. I also pulled out some tiles and replaced them with new, brighter ones.   Here's the new old floor.


  1. Found your blog today and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your project. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to updates. :-)

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