Monday, February 14, 2011

Toy Fair Find: Contemporary, well designed dollhouses by brinca dada

Today, at the 2011 International Toy Fair I came across these beautiful dollhouses, and met their creators.  They houses are quite remarkable in person.  They not only look great, but they open up so children (or adults) can play with them.  The interiors are nicely furnished with modern, sleek looking pieces.

On their site they say they wanted to produce a product that combined their passions for architecture and toys.  They also say something that makes a lot of sense to me:  "We are a team of people who believe that toys don't have to be noisy or flashy to be exciting.  But toys shouldn't be marked "For Display Only" either.  Toys should be beautiful and fun."

You can see more on their website: brinca dada.

click photos to enlarge

From the brinca dada site:

From the 2011 Toy Fair (photgraphs by Tom Casesa):


  1. Did you take any pictures of their products at the Toy Fair?

  2. I did not take any pictures, but I'm going back tomorrow, so I will see if I can get some.

  3. I'm not sure if they had anything that isn't on the site.

  4. Hi Modern MC.. Went to the show today and took some pictures for you, and added them to this post. Enjoy.

  5. Whoa! Hey Tom, thanks for these. I had been dying to see the Bennett "outside the CAD". I also understood that they had a collapsible house prototype on display, but only a few people have mentioned. Great photos! Thank you for your time!

  6. Thank you so much for posting pictures of the Toy Fair. I've been itching to see more of the Brinca Dada collection, and your pictures are wonderful! Very cool blog, too!