Saturday, December 4, 2010

Runabouts - vintage speedboat models

I've recently become interested in these wooden speed boats, often called Runabouts.  In addition to their beauty, they evoke a sense of a glamorous past (their heydays were the 1920s-1950s).  The most well known maker was Chris-Craft, which still exists today. It's website has a history section with great product photos.

From Deutch Optik catalog:  

These three from Deutch Optik are moderately priced models (Between $100 - $200, and are probably mass produced overseas.  (For higher quality models, see the ones from Mahogany Model Boats, below)

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1935 Chris-Craft Family Cruiser

Swansong 24 Torpedo Back

These models are by Bill Norby, of Mahogany Model Boats, and are made in the US.  They are hand built and there is meticulous attention to detail.  They are priced around $2,500 - $3,000.

1939 Chris Craft Barrel Back      -      1949 Chris Craft Sedan      -      1952 Chris Craft Riviera

1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman U22

Sportsman and Racing Runabouts

1940 Chris-Craft

1954 Chris-Craft Riviera

Nice models from other makers:

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