Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Boxes

Here are some simple, but beautiful (I think) boxes I made from a few exotic woods that were  leftover from other projects.

Paduk (the red wood) and purple heart .  

Paduk is actually more red in color (like the Twilight Box below) but I used a tinted wax to seal and buff the piece.

Rosewood, blackwood, and lacewood (top piece)

I learned  how to make these boxes, with the finger groove method of joining from friends and excellent craftspeople, Pete and Pam Boorum of Smaller Than Life.

 Twilight Box

I made this as a birthday present for a certain young Twilight fanatic.  It's made of paduk and wenge.  The books and pendant - the Cullen family crest (I cant beleive I know that) I found on line.

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